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                "A Family Tradition Since 1800."
                Call for questions: 336.272.9221
                "Piedmont’s professionalism far exceeded our expectations. They followed up on every promise made and fully met our timber harvest goals. I will definitely work with Piedmont in the future."
                - Bill & Cathy Walker

                Piedmont Land & Timber is a full service timber company based in Greensboro, North Carolina.
                Our Goal
                is to offer each of our clients a professional logging operation, top financial return for their timber, along with a forest management plan to ensure a forest for the future.

                At Piedmont Land & Timber, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer the following services:

                • Buy Pine & Hardwood Timber
                • Perform Clear-Cut & Selective Thinnings
                • Pay In-Full & Up-Front
                • Meet & Surpass All Environmental Regulations
                • Carry All Required Insurance
                • Assist with Tree Planting & Tax Planning
                Whether it is 10 Acres or 1,000 Acres, we hope you choose Piedmont Land & Timber when it is time to harvest your timber.
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